Customize Job Detail Page

You can use either the theme template or the plugin template as the job detail page template. The theme template uses your current theme template, and the plugin template uses the pre-built template from our plugin.

Theme Template

The theme template is handy if your theme by default supports templating (example, Divi) or you are using any page builders (example, Elementor PRO, Oxygen Builder). If these options are unavailable to you, then the best option is to use the WordPress standard way.

Some themes provide the necessary guides to override the parent theme template to your child's theme. Basically, you need to create a copy of your single post template file in the theme root folder and rename the file to single-awsm_job_openings.php, then customize the template based on your need.

Plugin Template

Plugin template allows you to organize the job detail page template to a specific location within your theme/child theme. We have a detailed guide to customizing the template in our documentation with our pre-built plugin template.

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